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1900 - February 12 - Sydney Town council writes to Indian Affairs stating that the Indian Reserve and the Indians should be relocated as it is prejudicial to the property landowners who live near their locality.


Helen Martin

Photo of Helen Martin

Helen Martin was the daughter of Chief Ben Christmas and Jane Christmas (Denny) of the Membertou Mi'kmaq community.

Throughout Helen's lifetime, she was actively involved with the rights of Native Women and was one of the original founders of the Nova Scotia Native Women's Association.

She was elected the first president of the association in 1972, a position which she held for many years.

Within this audio recording she is being interivewed by Roy Gould and is discussing the rights of native women and the formation of the Nova Scotia Native Women's Association.

This recording took place in Sydney in 1975 and was a part of the first program of Micmac Magazine. Micmac magazine was broadcasted on CHER Radio.

Helen was an individual that was held in high esteem by her community and continues to be so today. Helen died on December 31st, 1993 at the age of 71.

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