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1914, January 8th - Indian Affairs Agent, Reverend R.L. McDonald reports to Duncan Campbell Scott, Superintendent General of Indian Affairs that he has met with the Indians and did not find one in favor of leaving the reserve. He also stated that had he known how many unsuccessful surrender attempts had been made previously, he would have never agreed to take upon this work.


Nelson Paul

Nelson Paul is the son of the late Percy Paul and Mary Paul and is a Mi'kmaq elder from the community of Membertou. The Membertou Reserach Department undertook to interview the elders of the Membertou community in order to document the oral history. As a part of the project, Nelson agreed to be video taped by the research department and in this video he shares his early memories of life in Membertou from years ago.

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Video 1 - Membertou 25th Anniversary

Membertou 25th Anniversary - 1:13

Nelson Paul describes the 25th Anniversary celebrations that occurred in Membertou, in regards to the move from King’s Road reserve to Membertou.

Video 2 - February New Moon

February New Moon - 2:27

Nelson describes the February new Moon ceremony that was practiced annually by the MI’kmaq, and in his memory, by his great grandmother. This was done to feed the moon and to give thanks.

Video 3 - Mens Choir

Mens Choir - 1:56

Nelson discusses the cultural concept where only the men sang at the wakes.

Video 4 - Puna' ne' wimk

Puna'ne'wimk - 0:44

Nelson discusses the New Year’s celebration and its’ representation of forgiveness.

Video 5 - Chapel Island

Chapel Island - 3:04

Nelson describes the mission and the annual pilgrimage of people to Chapel Island. Also mentions the Grand Council wigwam located there and what the Grand Council ceremony involved. Specifically Treaties and the dance are discussed.

Video 6 - Radio

Radio - 2:37

Nelson tells a humorous story of his grandfather’s radio and the little people he thought lived inside of it.

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